Astrid Gagnier Communications provides solutions to communication challenges.

I’m about adding bench strength to your team, supporting a project that needs an experienced pair of hands to guide it through to completion, a trusted colleague who can oversee and manage a project to your expectations with very little time drain on your part.

My experience as a consultant demonstrates that clients most often need someone to understand the challenges their having, provide a solution to the challenge and then implement that solution – at least for the first round. Often I’m brought in to assess a situation, set up a process to address the issue, write the first samples and template it, and then transfer the process/products back over to a communications department for long-term implementations.

Each of my services are unique to themselves, but often clients require:

  1. A facilitated session/workshop to work through the challenge and brainstorm solutions
  2. A strategic document/ communications plan that outlines the solution/process approach
  3. Writing or collateral development needed to implement the plan, including templates or formats that allow others to continue the work
  4. Overall project management to bring the solution from identification/brainstorm to usable execution

I’m happy to undertake large projects, or small pieces of the steps outlined about. Please contact me for a confidential discussion to determine if I can help develop solutions.