I’m always astounded by my good fortune as I’ve had the chance to work with many extraordinary people, groups and companies.

My latest good fortune was working with the Calgary Heritage Authority, an independent body that advises The City of Calgary, on developing a tone/voice and presence that includes a road map for moving forward and a collective annual report covering four years.



I’ve had the opportunity to work with the oil sands developers responsible for 90% of production, primarily through collaborations or associations and technical case study work.

I’ve worked with some of Canada’s largest pipeline companies in issue management and stakeholder relations, successfully supporting over a dozen new pipeline applications over a five year period.

The attached are examples of narratives developed during my time with Communica Public Affairs, which I project managed from inception to publication, including writing and editing (collaborative writing and editing credit to my colleague Pat Devlin).

osli_the_evolution_of_collaboration_2013         osli_collab_report_final_web