About Astrid

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With 25+ years’ in corporate communication and stakeholder engagement, I’m what I call ‘experienced’. Sometimes this slips out as old. Experience is good, it means you’ve worked in many situations with numerous different kinds of people and seen a lot of strategies work, and some fail.

I began my professional writing life as a journalist in BC. I soon transitioned to the forest industry as Manager, Public and Aboriginal Affairs for the Cariboo Lumber Manufacturers’ Association (now a part of COFI). My first introduction to large-scale public participation was as a representative of industry in the region-wide Commission on Resources and Environment (CORE) negotiations. Aboriginal rights and consultation requirements were another topic I received grounding in, beginning with the Delgamuukw trial to laying the groundwork for the forest industry’s participation in the BC Treaty Process.

On leaving BC for Alberta, via a freelancing stint in Chile and some time at the University of Western Ontario, I arrived in Calgary and begin exploring Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability writing. My first report was as lead writer of one of Canada’s largest oil sands producers Sustainability Report, the first fully compliant Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report for a North American energy producer. Many CSR reports have followed since… measuring and messaging performance is something I’m passionate about as a way to demonstrate industry’s commitment to the environment.

In the ensuing decade (see what I mean about old?) I’ve worked in the mining and energy industries. For the last seven years I had the pleasure of working as a consultant and Manager, Strategic Communications with Communica Public Affairs. As such, I provided strategic planning guidance and execution, ranging from developing and managing large communication programs such as the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative (OSLI) communication, to issue-sensitive regulatory approval processes, sustainability issue management, triple-bottom-line reporting and reputation management.

I’m always looking for new challenges – I enjoy bringing my experience to problems in order to develop workable solutions. And I love writing. That too, always.